Israel Diamond Week may be small in physical footprint but it is packed full of exhibitors. A buyer arriving from abroad does not need to walk for hundreds of meters in massive halls full of jewelry exhibits. A brief tour of the diamond exchange trading hall reveals that it holds under a single roof as large a range of diamonds and diamond products that one can imagine. From tiny diamonds to large ones, round diamonds of every size possible, fancy diamonds, treated diamonds, colored diamonds, diamonds suitable for mounting in jewelry and in watches, large manufacturers, small manufacturers and boutique manufacturers. A huge range – literally All You Could Ask for In One.
International Diamond Week brings to Israel buyers from all over the world. Ella Melamed of Eli Melamed Diamonds says, “We are happy about the Israel Diamond Exchange initiative to organize a show at the Israeli bourse. We are a family business manufacturing white and yellow diamonds of all sizes for more than 40 years. This is a wonderful way to expose our industry to the world, especially for small manufacturers like us.”
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